Survei Cross-Sectional Online Untuk Menilai Vaksin Covid-19 Terkait Akseptabilitas, Pengetahuan dan Kesediaan Membayar di Kalangan Mahasiswa Kesehatan Masyarakat di Provinsi Sumatera Utara

Daniel Ginting, Nina Fentiana, Rahmat Alyakin Dachi


The purpose of the study was to assess the Covid-19 vaccine related to acceptability, knowledge and willingness to pay among public health students in North Sumatra Province. The research design is an online cross-sectional survey using "Google Form" with a sample of all public health students at Sari Mutiara Indonesia University and Prima Indonesia University who have not received the Covid-19 vaccine (91 respondents). The study found that the acceptability of the Covid-19 vaccine among public health students in North Sumatra Province was still low (46.2%) as was the willingness to pay (36.3%). There is no relationship between knowledge and acceptability of the Covid-19 vaccine. The majority of public health students think vaccines are a cure for COVID-19. There is a significant relationship between willingness to pay and the acceptability of the Covid-19 vaccine for public health students, so the free vaccine program will determine the level of coverage of the Covid-19 vaccination. Health education campaign interventions about the Covid-19 vaccine from public health experts are needed to straighten students' knowledge of the Covid-19 vaccine, which is ultimately expected to be able to build confidence in the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine.


Covid-19; public health; knowledge; vaccine

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