Resep Taiwan Hadapi Covid-19 Sebagai Formula Strategis Meraih Kepentingan Nasional

Harisah ‘Aini Auliya


The handling of COVID-19 in Taiwan is considered the best treatment considering its geographical location and its very close interaction with the origin of the virus, Cina. The author uses a descriptive qualitative method, explaining the occurrence of Covid-19 from its epicenter and its closest area, Taiwan. The author wants to examine the approach taken by Taiwan to contain the number of Covid-19 exposures even though it is close to the initial source of this outbreak while it is under pressure from One China Policy. Taiwan's set of policies demonstrates the combination of democratic transparency and strict law enforcement in order to maintain state stability under national interests and mercantilist protectionism. There are three main steps that Taiwan has taken to deal with the outbreak that can serve as examples of effective policies; Early prevention, Big Data Maximization and Real Government Support.


Big Data; Democracy; Covid-19; Protectionism; Taiwan

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